Dell Dimension 3000 – Hackintosh iPC OSX86 10.5.6 Method


The Dell Dimension 3000 is a basic machine. It came with an 80Gb HDD, 1GB 333mhz RAM, and an optical/floppy drive. These machines are basic, they can be picked up for little to no investment and with a little piddling, they can be made into a fun OSX machine.

Bios Configuration

  • Make sure you have enabled the video cache to 8 MB.
  • Ensure that the USB is the initial boot device

The bios configuration on an older machine is much less finicky than that of the newer UEFI machines. If you don’t set the Video Cache to 8 MB from its default 1 MB, you will not be able to install. You will only see a white screen when booting from the USB.


I used the iPC OSX86 method, which is extremely straight forward. All you will need is a Mac to make a USB bootable with the iPC image on it. I followed the basic installation guidelines and made sure to follow the rules of the readme. For those using the Dimension 3000, the installed kexts are listed in this photo from the OSX86 Wiki Project:



This guarantees that the drivers will all be loaded in order. Once the machine has finished booting, go through set up and begin configuring your new Hackintosh. This completes the standard 10.5.6 install. In our next post, we will update to 10.5.8 and hopefully get some apps functioning on this machine.

Post Install

After the install has completed, I ensured all my devices worked and that the proper kexts were installed. One concern was that the front 2 USB’s would not work. I did not have this issue with my install. I believe this is related to a certain chipset that came with the more base versions of the 3000 series Dell’s. The default bootloader is Darwin, and it is 32 bit.

Stick around for part 2 coming soon! Thanks for reading, and as always, please leave a suggestion of what project I should approach next!




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