iPhone 8 – Hopes and expectations

What is expected?

No more home button?

Apple has moved heavily toward facial recognition and phone movement to be triggers for unlocking the iPhone. I foresee the next iPhone to not have a home button. I don’t believe they will be removing the fingerprint authentication, as that can still be incorporated with a sensor under the new OLED screen rumored by Apple officials. It is very clear that Apple has been moving toward a more minimalist experience when using their new iPhone. The evolution from the iPhone 6 to 7 saw the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, making this new concept of no home button very plausible. Most smartphones no longer have a physical home button and iPhone is long overdue for that movement. Less moving parts creates less potential for failure in them.

Wrapped Screens – Curved Screens

Mac World covers the plausibility of a curved screen in great detail here, but I will add my input on top of this. I predict the 7s will release with a premium OLED screen, but only the 8 will feature the curved, or wrapped, screen at a higher cost. I think the iPhone team at Apple wants to release a top of the line model for their 10th anniversary, so we need to ride it out and wait for more information to unfold as the year goes on.

Some personal hopes of mine

Charging, music, and color

I think we are way overdue for a phone that comes with wireless charging capability and a native wireless charging concept. I believe the iPhone 8 will ship with all of this. Furthermore, I believe a premium model of the 8 will come with a nice set of wireless headphones if they are going to continue the wireless trend and no headphone jack. Making a phone as minimalist as this, could be extremely handy if charging was quick and you could still listen to the music on your phone without being connected to it. I love the idea of throwing your phone on a wireless charging station and walking away with your headphones still in and being able to listen to the music.

I also hope to see the reintroduction of the multiple color selection like the iPhone 5c featured. Although, I only foresee the iPhone 7 having this option – except with a 7s and a 7c. I have heard the rumor of a red/crimson color coming to the 8. Either way, these sound like unique features I can get behind.

This completes my wishes and my understanding of these things for right now, as we approach the release of the new iPhones, more coverage will be added. Leave some comments, hopes, or other rumors you’ve heard!


**Feature image credit of ConceptsiPhone


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