Apple TV Finds Hope in Amazon Fire TV’s Former Leader


Who is Timothy Twerdahl?

Tuesday marked a big day for the Product Marketing team for Apple TV when Twerdahl was officially recruited by Apple. He will be leading this team in order to rescue the once kingpin that is Apple TV. But who is Timothy Twerdahl, and why exactly does Apple seem so committed to letting him turn this product around? Before Twerdahl helped turn the Amazon Fire TV into what it is today, he worked at two other massive names in streaming TV. Twerdahl found his roots in Netflix as a director. After his eight month stint with the early formed Netflix, he moved to Roku, and held a Senior Director status there for nearly another two years. He was at the two companies from the years 2007- the end of 2009. This was massive in forming the marketing and branding ideology that he has concerning TV streaming.

What does Apple want with Twerdahl?

Apple believes that with Twerdahl’s immense experience in the marketing of streamable TV, he can turn around the slowed sales of Apple’s TV platform. With all of this in mind, Apple sees just how valuable he can be in adding some unique innovation to the slowing Apple  TV sales. Apple is said to be attempting to obtain new and original pieces to release to their list of content. Only time can tell how the new man in charge will turn around Apple’s TV.



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