Apple BeatsX Earphones hit the Market


(Photo Gallery at Bottom)

Starting at $149.95, Apple’s new headphones are geared to those who are seeking a sleek new set of wireless headphones. They feature a ¬†strong flex cable, designed to keep the headphones together, unlock the Airpods that could easily be lost. This cable allows you to keep track of the headphones and it creates a set of inline controls like those of the previous generation of Apple’s headphones. This new flex cable is coupled with magnetic headphones that keep the BeatsX from becoming tangled and mismanaged.

This isn’t the only new feature, the BeatsX headphones feature 8 hour battery life and a rapid charge feature that allows 2 hours of use out of a 5 minute charge. The new Bluetooth W1 chip that is included in the BeatsX features automatic pairing to iPhones, Apple watches, and other Apple devices. The new line of Beats will feature 4 colors; black, white, blue and gray.

The complete headphone package includes a lightning charging cable, four interchangeable earpieces, and a secure fitting wingtip for those being active while wearing the BeatsX. By your set today at Apple.


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