Tim Cook on “Fake News” and how to Preserve “the great openness of the Internet”

What is “Fake News” and how do we interact with it?

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has hit the media with a mission to the people. He seeks to preserve “the great openness of the internet,” which is in imminent danger due to a couple factors. Net neutrality has slowly been infringed upon and is now facing complete abolition thanks to those in congress seeking to pick it apart. This series of events has been unfolding for quite some time now, and it effects more than what you think it does. But this isn’t the only inhibitor of the Internet’s “openness”.

“Fake news” is also undoing the internet by distracting users and destroying the credibility of the Internet in general. Fake news is exactly as it sounds – it is news that is not considered accurate, trustworthy, or a reliable source of information. Cook went on to say:

We have to give the consumer tools to help with this. And we’ve got filter out part of it before it ever gets there without losing the great openness of the internet. And so this is one of today’s chief problems, it is not something that has a simple solution.

Will we see a less cluttered Internet ruled by users who get accurate and accountable news? Maybe, at some point further down the road, we will see some of these things. Hopefully the tools that Tim mentions are given to us sooner rather than later.

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The Video from Great Morning Britain below:



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