Nokia Unveils the Nokia 3310’s return and the International release of the Nokia 3, 5, and 6

The Return of a Legend

Nokia announces the eternal 3310 will be returning to the phone marketplace. The 3310 launched in 2000 and had all the greatest features for a cellphone of its time. But that wasn’t the only great thing, it was also one of the most resilient cellphones of its time. You could drop the phone 50 feet, leave it uncharged and in the dirt for a full day, and when you came back it would have the same battery percentage it had previously and a couple scuffs. I know this because I dropped mine off of a Ferris Wheel from about 50 feet up and came back a day later to claim my lost device.

What Changes will Come to the Device Nearly 20 Years Later?

Nokia has not spilled all of the beans on their returning champion, but it has mentioned a price point and some other little features. It will be sold for around $60 and will more than likely feature 4G LTE. Nokia has marketed this phone as a back up secondary device to get you through in the event your phone breaks. I hope it features the ever classic Snake II, as that was my favorite mobile game and one of the firsts I ever played.

Coupled with the 3310 – Nokia Releases the Nokia 3, 5, and the Already Chine Released 6

Also being unveiled are Nokia’s next line of smartphones, which all feature Android 7.0 Nougat. The Nokia 6 is the most fully dressed smartphone featuring a 5.5 inch high definition display,  4 GB of RAM, and Snapdragon’s 430 processor. The Nokia 3 and 5 will feature lower specifications for a lower cost smartphone experience.

Nokia 6

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