AT&T Rethinks Unlimited Data

AT&T was ahead of the game when it came to unlimited data and offering that package to its customers, but when Verizon released their new unlimited plan, AT&T packed it all up and began rethinking what they wanted to provide to their customers.

The new data plans brought forward by AT&T are as follows:

Unlimited Choice

AT&T users get unlimited data for $60 a month. Data speeds are capped at 3 Mbps and tethering is not included. Users can experience video streaming at a max speed of 1.5 Mbps which is equivalent to 480p. This plan is more geared for those who use a good bit of data monthly but maybe use it reading, using social media, or playing games. This is probably not the plan for you if you are a video streaming junkie.



Unlimited Plus

AT&T customers who seek high speeds, a ton of streaming, and data tethering will be glad to know that AT&T has a plan geared towards them. With the Unlimited Plus plan, users will be granted up to 10 GB of tethering per line and 4G LTE data speeds. At $90 a month, these features come with a steeper life. After a line has reached the high speed allotment, data is slowed to 128 Kbps.


Speed Reduction Caps & Features of Both Plans

For both plans, AT&T slows data after 22 GB of usage. This is only done during times of high network usage in your area. Both plans feature unlimited calling, texting, data, and multi-line support. AT&T comfortably designed their data plan to be competitive yet still restrictive. It is interesting to see what the competition will do to pricing and data allowances in the near future.

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