iPad Pro 2- Flawless or Flopping?

Release Information

iPad users have long been awaiting the release of the next iPad Pro, which is said to come with a new 12.9 inch high end model and a lesser 10.5 inch iPad that will carry the A9X chipset.

Sources say the iPad Pro 2 may not be released until May or June, shifting from the early spring releases we are accustomed to. Although there is an extra wait, users will be excited to learn that they will release the iPad Pro 2 with the new Apple Pencil 2.

Hardware and Components

Although this sounds exciting, we still don’t know much about what the specs are under the hood. Apple has released little to no detail involving the performance capabilities of the new iPad Pro 2. What is known is that the new iPad Pro will feature a thicker design (from 6.1mm to 7.5mm) and be nearly without a bezel-less. It is not known whether or not the display resolution will bumped up to a higher value or if it will stay the same. The display screen will continue to be a True Tone featuring 264ppi or greater pixel density. The new iPad will feature the new processor – likely called the A10X to continue following naming conventions.

I hope to learn more as the date closes in on an iPad Pro 2 release. I will keep you posted on anything else I learn as we approach the release!

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