Saturday Vibes – Chill out and Tech Out

Saturday Vibes, an Introduction

I spend every Saturday working on personal projects, playing games, and just soaking up all the knowledge I can while relaxing. I enjoy this, it is something I look forward to. I usually turn on an album or two and listen to them all the way through while achieving my work. It is great for helping me keep my cool and discover some great tunes.

Every Saturday Something New

I plan on sharing a playlist, album, artist, or song every Saturday for those to work to. I hope this inspires others to use music as the getaway it truly is. This week, the album I chose to share is “Blonde” by Frank Ocean. Frank has not released a viable album in a few years, and his return to the music industry is well received. This is a slow playing album and is great for just relaxing and doing some work or browsing the internet. I have included the Spotify album below, but feel free to open it in any format you would like.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Vibes – Chill out and Tech Out

      1. If you have a personal Facebook feel free to join and share! It’s a community of tons of fellow wordpress bloggers who are all sharing their stuff 🙂

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