Sony Xperia XA1 to Release in Europe April 10

March 16, 2017


Sony releases the Xperia XA1 on April 10th – a couple weeks ahead of its announced arrival. The new XA1 will feature an HD 5 inch 1280 x 720 LCD. This is coupled with 3 GB of ram and 32 GB’s of internal memory. But the XA1 packs even more of a punch. It sports a 23 MP Rear Mounted Sony Exmor camera ¬†and a 8 MP front facing camera. These are great for low light picture opportunities. The XA1 will also feature a USB type C connection and has started pre-sales at $280. There are several custom options such as new colors. These will be ultra sleek and light phones. They will only be 8mm thick and weigh around 143 grams. These phones will be the more affordable option to the more premium Sony phones.

  • Colors
    • Pink
    • Gold
    • White
    • Black

XA1 Ultra

The XA1 Ultra will feature a 6 inch display at 1080p resolution. Furthermore, the bigger XA1 will host 4 GB’s of ram and a larger internal amount of memory.

XA1 ultra



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