PC Spotlight Plays of the Month – Stellaris: Utopia

An open, very, very open, sandbox space game, Stellaris brings No Man’s Sky and Civilization V into an all-in-one bundle. Today it received it’s official 1.5 patch titles Utopia and the reviews are in. But what are the reviews saying? Does Stellaris hold the promising demand it once promised? Well, most have agreed that Stellaris is one of the most fun open world skill-tree-progression based games making way in the PC realm. PC Gamer said this about Stellaris: Utopia, “I didn’t come close to scratching the surface of all the endgame ascension paths in the time I’ve had so far, but the ones I have seen make me excited to discover more.” Although the new update brought to Stellaris changed plenty of in game mechanics and provided fixes to several of the bugs, it also introduced plenty of new content. The new content is “flashier, more attention-grabbing . . .” but it lacks slight attention to detail which can make it difficult to play at certain times.

PC Gamer gives Stellaris: Utopia an 87 out of 100. Although this seems low, the game is so deep that ultimately any games will find themselves wrapped deep in the realms of Stellaris. I believe Paradox Interactive will continually develop the new game and refine certain mechanics. Give Stellaris a try and tell me what you think!


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