PUBG – Xbox One – A bright outlook for a buggy game

The massive Battle Royale style MMORPG shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground is releasing its 2nd wave of patches soon. These new patches will be waving in a much needed group of bug and crash fixes. On December 19th, 2017, PUBG released it’s first Xbox patch, one that helped with some crashing and texture issues, but left much to be desired. While PC users see full content and game access, the Xbox community is expected to be waiting a bit longer.

PUBG is in need of some pretty large updates to bring its play quality closer to its comparable opponent, Fortnite. The pre-alpha game is exactly that: one that needs excessive polishing. I have a bright hope for the new updates. After playing PUBG on both an Xbox One S and a One X, the X can seamlessly handle the framerates desired and fend off any crashing. However, the S struggles with the long distance focusing, texture loading, and higher framerate lag.

CEO CH Kim promises that “We’ll continue to fine tune the Battle Royale experience and will introduce additional in-game content, including new crates, to become available in early 2018.” Players can expect the new patch to come in mid-January with bug fixes and much more player content. Hopefully, included in the new update is the kill cam feature just released to PC. This is a feature many players have been begging for. In most death scenarios, you never even knew your killer was there and have no chance of relaying the proper information if playing with a teammate or squad.

Although PUBG is still in its pre-alpha experimental phase on Xbox One, it still can be a very promising Battle Royale game for gamers seeking that thrill with a friend or solo. I highly recommend this game to those seeking that thrill, without the cost of an AAA title. Remember, they are continually fixing and adding to this game, what do you have to lose?

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