Intel Processor Flaws: what you should know and how you should react

Intel announced a security flaw in its processors allowing potential hackers the ability to see some personal information. Intel is currently working on a software patch to eliminate this issue. It will make current processors secure and eliminate the flaw entirely in future hardware.

The flaw allows hackers to see some information but not change or modify it. This issue does expand further than just Intel processors, per Google. Google originally found the issue and immediately reported to Intel. The predicted scope of the Intel hardware flaw is anything from the last decade. This same issue effects ARM and AMD chips as well.

Updates are coming:

Update your software as soon as possible. Microsoft has already began rolling out the security patches need to resolve this. Apple has not commented on updates yet, but be expecting one in the next couple days.

Prepare for slower speeds:

These updates may slow your device temporarily, as do most spur of the moment security patches, but speeds will not be diminishing enough to see a noticeable difference (Intel). However, others seem to believe this will be noticeable and advise users to be ready for potentially slower devices, including but not limited to cellphones, tablets, and PC’s running these processors.

What to do if you own a device impacted by this:

This is a hardware flaw, meaning it could take a while to really smooth things out. However, it would take an intense amount of effort for someone to truly access the data that is vulnerable here. An attack would take more effort than likely worth, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be done. Be aware, monitor the situation, and update your software. The largest processor producer in the world is paying very close attention to this, and they are very good at what they do.

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