PUBG – Xbox One – A bright outlook for a buggy game

PUBG future update and new content coming soon, providing fixes for bugs and crashes on Xbox One.

Pre-Alpha Best Plays for PC: Foxhole Beta

Front-line battle like you've never seen before. A warfront blazes all day and night, the battle constantly raging with no side showing signs up giving up. Medics are scurrying, much like a scene fresh from Hacksaw Ridge. Suppliers are moving goods, weapons, troops, and explosives constantly. There is team chatter, leaders of your coalitions are … Continue reading Pre-Alpha Best Plays for PC: Foxhole Beta

PC Spotlight Plays of the Month – Stellaris: Utopia

An open, very, very open, sandbox space game, Stellaris brings No Man's Sky and Civilization V into an all-in-one bundle. Today it received it's official 1.5 patch titles Utopia and the reviews are in. But what are the reviews saying?