Dell Precision T3500 Hackintosh РEl Capitan with Clover Boot Loader 

Forward I have to thank the gentlemen over at TonyMacOSX86 for all the awesome advice they give to the Hackintosh community. They are developers on the leading edge that really do their best to make the OS X Hackintosh users have a flawless interaction with their Hackintosh. Prerequisites: Download your copy of El Capitan at … Continue reading Dell Precision T3500 Hackintosh – El Capitan with Clover Boot Loader¬†


Dell Dimension 3000 – Hackintosh iPC OSX86 10.5.6 Method

Configuration: The Dell Dimension 3000 is a basic machine. It came with an 80Gb HDD, 1GB 333mhz RAM, and an optical/floppy drive. These machines are basic, they can be picked up for little to no investment and with a little piddling, they can be made into a fun OSX machine. Bios Configuration Make sure you … Continue reading Dell Dimension 3000 – Hackintosh iPC OSX86 10.5.6 Method