Pre-Alpha Best Plays for PC: Foxhole Beta

Front-line battle like you’ve never seen before.

A warfront blazes all day and night, the battle constantly raging with no side showing signs up giving up. Medics are scurrying, much like a scene fresh from Hacksaw Ridge. Suppliers are moving goods, weapons, troops, and explosives constantly. There is team chatter, leaders of your coalitions are shouting “Get to the front-lines” or “We need mortar fire here immediately”. This isn’t an action war movie. This isn’t some AAA new video game release debut. This is Foxhole Pre-Alpha. Foxhole is an overhead battle sim that doesn’t feel like a full on sim. You grind your way to success as a team of troops fighting day in and day out. You’ll fight the same battle for 2, 3, 4 days; sometimes up to a week if both sides are doing well. The only way to properly succeed and enjoy the game?Communication and a strong team effort. You may spend 2 hours grinding scraps and building basic materials (the core necessity of the whole game) or you may spend 2 hours on the front-line push with your team while others help supply the rest of the team. It takes dedication, but it is easily one of the most rewarding game experiences I’ve had after fighting a battle for several days and then being a part of the push to win the war. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something new to play. And don’t be hesitant to add me (Leopoldoldstyle on steam) and ask some questions.

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