Intel Processor Flaws: what you should know and how you should react

Intel is currently investigating a flaw found by Google in processor hardware.

PUBG – Xbox One – A bright outlook for a buggy game

PUBG future update and new content coming soon, providing fixes for bugs and crashes on Xbox One.

Pre-Alpha Best Plays for PC: Foxhole Beta

Front-line battle like you've never seen before. A warfront blazes all day and night, the battle constantly raging with no side showing signs up giving up. Medics are scurrying, much like a scene fresh from Hacksaw Ridge. Suppliers are moving goods, weapons, troops, and explosives constantly. There is team chatter, leaders of your coalitions are … Continue reading Pre-Alpha Best Plays for PC: Foxhole Beta

PC Spotlight Plays of the Month – Stellaris: Utopia

An open, very, very open, sandbox space game, Stellaris brings No Man's Sky and Civilization V into an all-in-one bundle. Today it received it's official 1.5 patch titles Utopia and the reviews are in. But what are the reviews saying?

Hackintosh reportedly working with AMD’s new Ryzen Processors!

InsanelyMac user gils83 has showed users that Hackintosh is not only compatible with AMD's new Ryzen series processors, it actually excels with them. He shares great screenshots and statistics with benchmarks of other CPU's to really show the efficiency of the Ryzen series. What does this mean for the future of Apple products? Could this … Continue reading Hackintosh reportedly working with AMD’s new Ryzen Processors!

Waze and Spotify Team Up to Make Navigation and Music Seamless

That’s why today we’re excited to announce that Waze and Spotify are partnering to bring your favorite Spotify playlists directly into the Waze app. Get ready for that daily commute, upcoming cross-country road trip, weekend getaway – or even traffic jam – to turn way up.

iPad Pro 2- Flawless or Flopping?

iPad users have long been awaiting the release of the next iPad Pro, which is said to come with a new 12.9 inch high end model and a lesser 10.5 inch iPad that will carry the A9X chipset.